We always admire superheroes, not only the ones like Iron Man or Ant Man from Marvel, but also the ones in Asian supernatural dramas. Check them out and see which hero is your favorite.

1. Wu Xin from Wu Xin The Monster Killer

Possessing a special skill set of killing the ghosts and monsters, Wu Xin helps people stay safe and healthy, fighting with demons for his beloved. It is a very touching story!

2. Do Min Joon from My Love From Another Star

A 400-year-old alien tried his best to protect his long-lost first love and fight against the evil chaebol who is also a sociopath. You cannot ignore this drama because of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun!

3. Kim Sung Yeol from The Scholar Who Walks the Night

The "dark knight" fought against evil residing in the royal palace. As a vampire, he indeed showed a lot of responsibility protecting the people around the village. 

4. Park Ji Sang from Blood

As the top surgeon around the world, he constantly helps to save the lives. As a vampire, he is also a good one, fighting against the devils who want to kill all the humans. 

5. Joo Hong Bin from Blade Man

He develops a supernatural ability — his anger and mental pain manifest as knives sprouting from his body. He is like Wolverine but with a full body of blades. 


Did you find those heroes admirable? Who do you think is the best?

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