Gu Family Book

A Google chat at the DramaFever office, transcribed:

Annette: SO, I finished Gu Family Book the other day. And it was pretty awesome. I’m thinking Lee Seung Gi [who plays Choi Kang Chi] is the best gumiho evar.

Jackie: Why? Aren’t there more badass gumihos out there?

A: Yeah, but this one was better than Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child, and I liked the ending better than the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho one...

J: We should put all the gumihos in one room and see who’s the biggest and baddest of them all. Lee Seung Gi gets unfair advantage because he’s a boy.

A: Hahahahah gumihos are ALL strong! Gender shouldn’t matter here!

J: Then let’s go with their powers. What can Kang Chi do? Besides fall in love?

A: Hahahhaha wellll, he can fall in love more than once! And then endanger the lives of the people he holds dearest to him!

J: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. At least Gu Mi Ho [Shin Min Ah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho] eats beef too. And is a stuntwoman.


A: JK JK JK! He’s got super strength and speed, and badass claws! Then he can heal himself.

J: Okay... I don’t think Gu Mi Ho can heal herself, but she has super speed and can do more badass stunts - and even appear on TV. Take that Kang Chi.

A: Welllll.......... *spoiler* Kang Chi had to wait 422 years for his true love to be reincarnated, so he was probably there when the TV was invented! Also... these both have Lee Seung Gi... but in Gu Mi Ho’s world, he’s just a human... O.O

J: That’s why there should be a cross cameo!

A: But who would he cameo as?? Dae Woong or Kang Chi?? Then wouldn’t she notice he’s another gumiho that looks like her boyfriend?

J: No, she should cameo as a gumiho on Gu Family Book, and be like - “Finally! You understand me!” and flash her tails all at once. Give him all she’s got.

A: HAHAHHAHA “flash her tails.”

J: Then Suzy’ll be like, “Nuh-uh b***h!”

A: Oh snap. But then Suzy kinda loses that fight. She’s badass as a human but she’s no gumiho...


J: Exactly. Also - Gu Mi Ho entrapped Kang Chi/Dae Woong - by giving her a fox bead, he’s forced to stay with her forever so he can remain alive! Talk about keeping a man by your side.

A: O_O Oh yeah... but wait, at the end of that one, doesn’t she die?? And only come back to like, say goodbye??

J: Yeah - with one tail left - ‘cause she’s still a fox! But not a “gu mi ho” [‘gu’ means ‘nine’ in Korean.]

A: I see.... so wait. She’s basically human in the end then? With one life?

J: Yep - I guess?! Also - it seems that the gals have fox beads. Even Goo San Daek, the mother in Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child, revives her child with a fox bead.

A: Whaaaaatt??? Beads are a girl thing, huh? Wait... so are Kang Chi and his papa (Wol Ryung) like the only two boy gumihos?? I guess they’re usually portrayed as women...

J: Yep. Also - isn’t Kang Chi stronger than his papa? How does that make sense? How is a half-gumiho stronger than a full gumiho? It’s like giving the “Man of Steel” reasoning - “Oh so because you adapted to earth’s atmosphere, it heightened all your senses. So you’re not a true Krypton, but a stronger Krypton.”

A: HAHAHA yeah well they only really show Kang Chi being stronger than his papa in the sense that when Wol Ryung was tied up earlier, he couldn’t get free. But when Kang Chi gets bound the same way, and they take off the bracelet that suppresses his powers, he breaks free. I’m like, WTF?? But then he can’t do that again later... nor can he beat his papa in a fight. So really, I guess its inconsistent...

J: Strong when convenient. That means, he’ll lose to Gu Mi Ho. Also - I think the mother, Goo San Daek, will lose to everyone because she’s apparently the “gumiho with a soul” and doesn’t want to kill anyone. Her superpower is running away.

A: Hahahaha oh man... Let’s just get them all in one room, or erm... one drama. One forest.

J: One room?! So risque!!


J: The Gumiho Games. Only one will survive.

A: DF’s FIRST original...spinoff... PRODUCTION!

J: Should we give a shoutout to Kim Tae Hee (in Forbidden Love)? She’s a museum worker by day, a gumiho clan ninja by night. She must protect the balance between man and gumiho - kinda like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.

A: Nah forget her, she’s got a weird chin.

J: LOL. True - she’s tiny and squash-able.

A: Let’s bring in the weird little chipmunk-looking girl from High Kick 2, she’s adorable.

J: Do you mean Seo Shin Ae?

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child

A: YEAH! Her! I wanna put her in my pocket.

J: But she’s the villain! She’s the noble’s daughter that wants to eat the gumiho’s liver so she can live! Oooooooo - we can throw her in the mix and see if she can kill everyone with her cuteness...

A: Yeaaaahhh!! She would probably win. Kang Chi can’t kill kids...

J: The dark horse that ends up killing everyone. So it’s decided on the winner then?

A: OMG, it’s like the beginning of the first Battle Royale! A little girl wins... just sayin’..

J: Okay - so the superior gumiho of them all is... the nobleman’s daughter, Seo Shin Ae. She wins.

A: Yep!

Seo Shin Ae