In the new fantasy epic Ice Fantasy, the peaceful co-existence between the Ice and Fire tribes is fractured by the actions of Xin Jue, the Fire Prince. An epic battle would soon lead to chaos in the Ice kingdom. A lot of questions have been raised about the Fire Tribe, more importantly — Who is the handsome and rakish looking actor that plays the villainous Fire Prince Xin Jue?

SPOILER ALERT: Prince Xin Jue of the Fire Tribe is a villainous character who is quick to show his arrogance and jealousy. His actions would eventually lead to an epic battle between the Ice and Fire tribes, in case you haven't watched the drama yet.

In episode 1 and 2 of Ice Fantasy, Prince Xin Jue first showed himself at the birthday party for Prince Kasuo (Feng Shao Feng) of the Ice Tribe. It turned out that he wanted to compete with Kasuo. Kasuo couldn't refuse him and risk further conflict between their two kingdoms.

In this clip, you'll see the fantastic joust between the two princes using their magical powers with ice and fire. You'll also see how Prince Kasuo is able to wisely dissolve the volatile situation.

Of course Prince Xin Jue doesn't stop being a villain with just one contest. Check out episode 2 in which he tries to assault Princess Sang Lan (actress Mai Dina) of the Mermaid Tribe. He also secretly plants something that may destroy the ice sheath that supports the kingdom built on ice. 

So, who is the handsome actor that plays Prince Xin Jue?

Jiang Chao is a rising actor in China. He graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and won several singing contests. He continued to hone his singing and acting skills, and in 2011 starred in his first leading role in an idol romcom. He has since starred as one of the leading men in the famous Tiny Times movies directed by Ice Fantasy's writer Guo Jingming.

You can watch him sing and dance in a duet, "Can't let go," in this sexy music video:

Prince Xin Jue is such a rakish villain that I actually would have liked him to stay around in the story. Unfortunately, his demise is necessary to the plot to unleash the chaos upon the peaceful Ice kingdom. There are more fearsome characters to come, too. It's also because of the turbulent times that our leading couple would get to meet.

In the meantime, don't worry about the handsome actor Jiang Chao. He has already lined up more work in singing and acting. 

The actor who says he loves to smile is turning 26 on August 12.

And, what a sunny smile Jiang Chao has!  

(Have you also noticed his weibo user name is jjprince?)

Ice Fantasy stars Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling) and f(x)'s Victoria Song as lovers caught in the battles between the Ice and Fire tribes. The new drama is on-air on DramaFever with 6 episodes in the first week, followed by 4 episodes each week.


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Are you enjoying Ice Fantasy? Who is your favorite character? Who is the least favorite?

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