The Flame's Daughter is full of entangled relationships and secret intrigue, including birth secrets for both Lie Ru Ge (Dilraba Dilmurat) and Zhan Feng (Zhang Bin Bin). However, a real-life mystery is centered around the author behind the successful martial arts romance. Who is she?

Ming Xiaoxi is the pen name for the popular writer behind the hit drama. Many of her works have been adapted into toons as well as popular dramas, such as Summer's Desire, The Whirlwind Girl, and of course, The Flame's Daughter.

She was ranked as the 11th richest writer in China in 2008. However, in contrast to the famous writer Guo Jingming (Ice Fantasy, Rush 'til the End of Summer) who is frequently in the spotlight, Ming Xiaoxi has never revealed her true identity. Even her alias, Ming Xiaoxi, is contracted from her first novel, Ming Ruo Xiao Xi, which was adapted into a Taiwanese drama titled Moon River.

The only clue is that she is a high-school teacher somewhere in a city in the Henan province in northern China. Not even her family and friends know about her writing achievements!

"If my colleagues knew about it, I wouldn't be able to teach," said the reclusive writer. She added that she preferred that people only pay attention to her works, while she leads her ideal life, continuing to freely wear what she wants and go into a restaurant without attracting attention.

According to Chinese media, here's what we know about the writer: (Caution: We cannot be sure that this information is confirmed.) She reportedly graduated from Wuhan University with a Master's degree in economics and international trade. She was born on May 24, is a Gemini, and has the blood type of B.

Perhaps her real-life mystery adds to the aura surrounding the mysteries presented in The Flame's Daughter.

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The Flame's Daughter - 烈火如歌

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Another mystery is how the fascinating romance will end. Ming Xiaoxi once admitted to struggling with the story's ending and that The Flame's Daughter was the most difficult novel to write compared to her other works.

However, the drama team may choose to change the ending. What would you like to see happen for our leading characters?

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