When you are watching dramas, besides the male lead you always fall into love with, there is sometimes another male character who can melt your heart: the best guy friend. He is always by the female lead's side and he always supports her, even without romantic felings. Check out these Asian dramas to see which best guy friend you want to have for your own.

1. Kang Min-hyuk as Yoon Chan-yeong in Heirs

He and Cha Eun-sang have known each other since they were kids, and they've been friends ever since. Kind, cool-headed, warm, and smart, Chan-young is ranked number one in his class and always sees the best in people. When Cha Eun-sang encounters family problems, he is the one who comes to her rescue in LA. What a best friend!

2. Wei Qian Xiang as Han Xiao Dong in Prince of Lan Ling

He is quite a loyal friend since basically he can do everything for Xue Wu.  He is brave and always has such a can-do attitude, especially for something that Xue Wu needs. He is an adorable friend, humorous and responsible. He even sacrifices his life for Xue Wu. What more you can ask for?

3. Kwak Si-yang as Seo Joon in Oh My Ghostess

As a friend, he just quietly stands by Na Bong-sun's side, helping her carry the heavy boxes, sending her home safely, and defending her in front of her colleagues. No wonder the chef is jealous sometimes.

4. Cha Hak-Yeon as Ha Dong-Jae in Cheer Up

He is talented yet has an oddball personality, but he is best friends with Eun Ji. We don't know yet if his character will fall for Eunji, but he's always there when she needs a strawberry milk and some encouragement.

5. Jiro Wang as Chi Bo Yuan in Singles Villa

He is a veterinarian and the female lead’s childhood sweetheart. No surprise! He is just the best companion, no matter how dramatic or how annoying the female lead is. I really wish I could have a friend just like Jiro in this drama. How about you?

So did you watch all these dramas yet? Think about it: who do you want as your best guy friend?

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