Celebrities doing cosplay are not something new, but these stars are professionals when it comes to cosplay. Which one is your favorite?

1. Angelababy as Athena: She was quite impressive when she hosted Hurry Up Brothers, the Chinese version of Running Man. You can see more of her in the Running Man International Movie  .

2. Viann Zhang: When she was in Singles Villa, she was quite calculating. But when she turned to Sailor Moon, she looks just adorable. And she can be in Avatar as well — surprised?! 

3. Ji Chang Wook: Regardless of if he is Healer, he might be the prettiest Snow White ever!

4. SHINee for Halloween cosplay

5. Jiro Wang: Fabulous Boy Jiro is quite a fan of cosplay. Recently he even said in an interview he hoped his girlfriend would enjoy cosplay with him. That seems to be a criteria for Jiro Wang to choose a girlfriend.

Watch Jiro Wang in Fabulous Boys now.