Ha Ji Won said Lee Jin Wook in The Time I Loved You is her most appealing leading man to date. It's also well known that she has a unique ability to make her leading men shine in all her dramas, so let's take a look at these male stars who have shined extra bright for Ha Ji Won. Who is your favorite?

(To be fair to all these awesome leading men, this list is in chronological sequence.)

1. Lee Seo Jin - Damo

Lee Seo Jin deeply loved Ha Ji Won but could not marry her due to society's norms in this tension-filled historical drama that has become a classic.

2. Kim Min JoonDamo

Kim Min Joon's performance was so powerful and charismatic that it left an indelible impression for anyone who watched Damo. He is currently a handsome villain in action thriller Hidden Identity.

3. Jo In SungWhat Happened in Bali

Jo In Sung gave a stunning performance in this powerful and emotional drama of rivals in love.

4. So Ji SubWhat Happened in Bali

So Ji Sub played Jo In Sung's rival in the tortuous triangle of love. I really would like to see him and Ha Ji Won together again in a romantic comedy.

5. Jang Geun Suk - Hwang Jin Yi

Jang Geun Suk played Ha Ji Won's first love in this award-winning historical drama about a legendary Joseon-era poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng. Isn't he cute?

6. Hyun BinSecret Garden

Who can forget the unusual love story that started with an involuntary soul change between the 2 leads? Hyun Bin was already a popular leading man before Secret Garden, and Secret Garden confirmed his status as a Hallyu star and further widened his kingdom of fans.

7. Lee Seung GiKing 2 Hearts

Lee Seung Gi really came through as a hot leading man, and his steamy "refrigerator kiss" with Ha Ji Won made a lasting impression long after the drama completed.

8. Ji Chang Wook - Empress Ki

Ji Chang Wook rose to pan-Asian fame when he played the prince who fell in love with Ha Ji Won and made her his queen. Not only did he look fabulously handsome in historical costume, he was highly praised for his acting skills.

Joo Sang WookThe Huntresses movie

Joo Sang Wook played a warrior who threatened Ha Ji Won, but he could not forget Ha Ji Won as his only love. They didn't have many romantic scenes in this action film, but I'm very partial to Joo Sang Wook ever since Birth of a Beauty. He is currently fighting 21st-century bad guys as the Masked Prosecutor.

10. Lee Jin WookThe Time I Loved You

Lee Jin Wook has been a hot leading man in impressive dramas such as NineI Need Romance 2012, and Three Musketeers. In the new Korean remake, he will actually be compared more with Chen Bolin of the original Taiwanese drama, In Time With You

Do you agree that Lee Jin Wook is Ha Ji Won's most appealing leading man? Let's watch The Time I Loved You and find out.

~ NancyZdramaland