Are you fan of Disney's princesses? Who aren't? It is like every girl's dream to become a princess. However, in these Asian dramas, it's not easy to be a princess. This "title" comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities. Check them out!

1. Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) in My Princess

A sunny and stubborn student suddenly became a real princess, a blood descendant of the last emperor of Korea. With a large faction of the government pushing to turn Korea into a constitutional monarchy, she's quickly instated into the palace. But what happens next? You shouldn't miss this romantic comedy. The chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun is absolutely amazing.

2. Princess Shin Yool of Balhae (Oh Yeon Seo) in Shine Or Go Crazy

When prophecy foretells Crown Prince Wang So (Jang Hyuk) will run the nation into a river of blood, he is banished from the palace. Years later, Princess Shin Yool of Balhae (Oh Yeon Seo) faces execution when she's prophesied to become the "light of another nation." After narrowly escaping death, Shin Yool stumbles upon Wang So, and together they fall for one another in a whirlwind marriage, but as both of their families continue to hunt the starcrossed lovers, how long can they escape their destinies? You will fall in love with this strong and tough princess!

3. Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow) in The Virtuous Queen of Han

As a mentor of the queen of Han, Princess Pingyang is super smart, even way too calculating. But she is also considerate and kind to her brother and sister-in-law. Especially when she faces her love, she is brave enough to fight for happiness even though there are a lot of obstacles. Let's applaud for this princess!

4. Princess Chiu Yeung (Charmaine Sheh) inCan't Buy Me Love

Princess Chiu Yeung, third daughter of the Tang Emperor, is known throughout the kingdom for her beauty, but she is also known for her unreasonable and stubborn personality. For this reason, no one wants to marry her. There is always a "however" in this kind of story. The second son of the formerly wealthy Kam family, Kam Dor Luk, is persuaded to marry her to save the family business. Princess Chiu Yeung resists the arrangement at first, but realizes that it is a better alternative than being forced to marry the Tibetan king as schemed by her father’s evil concubine. When the princess moves in with her personal servants after the marriage, family drama and conflict ensue. Check this hilarious historical comedy out! See if you like this spoiled princess?

5. Princess Se Ryung (Moon Chae Won) in The Princess's Man

Princess Se Ryung is the fearless and strong-willed daughter of Grand Prince Su Yang. Seung Yoo is a noble "old soul" who captures her heart. The only problem is that their fathers are powerful rivals, and both will stop at nothing to defeat the other and ascend the throne. 

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