This is the last week of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (cue sad music), and everyone's hearts are about to be ripped out and sent into K-drama withdrawal. Luckily, to ease the pain, we have received exclusive messages from 9 of your favorite actors.  In order to unlock the special video, simply send us a Snapchat @dramafever telling us who your favorite character was!

To receive your special video message, simply follow us on Snapchat and send us a direct message telling us which actor was your favorite from the following list (Please only send one per person):

1. IU (Hae Soo)

2. Lee Joon Ki (Wang So, 4th Prince) 

3. Ji Soo (Wang Jung) 

4. Baek Hyun (Wang Eun)

5. Hong Jong Hyun (Wang Yo)

6. Nam Joo Hyuk (Wang Wook)

7. Yoon Sun Woo (Wang Won)

8. Jin Ki Joo (Chae Ryung)

9. Z. Hera (Park Soon Duk)

(Unfortunately Kan Ha Neul, Kang Han Na, and Seo Hyun were not able to participate.) 

Send us the message by 12:30PM EST tomorrow, November 1, and you'll receive your video message back by Wednesday, November 2. 

Find us at the username @dramafever, or scan the Snapcode below:

And while you wait for your personal message, watch episode 19 today:


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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