We always see celebrities in gorgeous outfits. They are stunning in front of the camera in that way. But sometimes, the clothes won't hide the real star's glory. Look at those stars in some non-glamorous sportswear — they are still very stunning. 

1. Kim Soo Hyun in Secretly, Greatly

Well, since he needs to hide his identity as a North Korean spy, he has to pretend to be dull-witted all the time. Wearing this type of sportswear definitely served the purposes. 

2. Jasper Liu in When I See You Again

Jasper Liu in this drama becomes a super successful banker from a extreme nerd. But he won over his goddess's heart even when he wore such a nerdy outfit. Do you find his sportswear familiar?

3. Eddie Peng in Honey and Clover

We know him as the heroic general from the Sound of the Desert, but we did not know he can be so funny in this outfit. As a talented student, he does not care too much about his looks, but he always looks great because he is Eddie Peng .

4. Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers

As the top star in Asia, he rarely looks weird, even when he was wearing a super weird sportswear in Geum Jan Di's house. 

5. Hyun Bin in Secret Garden

The accurate word to describe Hyun Bin's weird sportswear is SHINING, literally. Well in this drama, he had a variety of well-designed sportswear.

6. Kim Woo Bin in Twenty

We learned a lot from Kim Woo Bin in this drama, especially a sport called "Breathing Exercise." Looking at him wearing such ordinary sportswear, doing such a weird sport, what can you say? 

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