Did you like the popular US drama Ugly Betty? A young, smart, and wise woman went on a journey to find her inner beauty despite her not-so-attractive appearance. Isn't the story inspiring? Check out these Asian dramas and see which one is your favorite "Ugly Betty."

1. Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) from She Was Pretty

She was an intern in the administration section before moving to the editorial team. She used to be a beautiful, wealthy, and smart girl, but lost everything. Despite the misfortunes, she still strives to do her best. Creative and considerate, she tries very hard to look good in front of her first love. Although she is struggling with her best friend and her co-workers, she certainly learns how to love and survive in the fashion world.

2. Chung Mo Yim (Fala Chen) from Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

A smart, skilled, and strategic woman, Chung Mo Yim was born with a hideous birth mark on her face. Although the king is always trying to please another beautiful queen, Chung Mo Yim is the one who always helps and cleans up the mess. She desires to be more than the King's troubleshooter and a wife in name only. She uses her own power to earn respect and love. 

3. Sa Geum Ran (Han Ye Seul) from Birth of a Beauty

Overweight, kind-hearted Sa Geum-ran married into a well-to-do family but got left by her husband. To get revenge against those who've wronged and betrayed her, she manages to turn herself around through intensive plastic surgery and exercises. During the whole process, she also learns how to love and be loved.

4. Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) from My Lovely Sam Soon

At 29, Kim Sam Soon's career and love life have hit a dead end. She is overweight, unmarried, stuck with an embarrassingly old-fashioned name, and has just lost her job and caught her boyfriend of three years cheating on her. But she is very kind and persistent. Whatever obstacles come their way, she is quite determined to fight for her love and happiness.

5. Wang Man Ling (Ady An) from Go, Single Lady

As the daughter of a successful pig farmer, Wang Man Ling (Ady An) may be a rich girl, but doesn’t know the first thing about acting the part. As a reputable pig girl, she manages to get herself a "coach." Love begins to unfold in a relationship that started out as a business deal to help her get into the upper crust inner circle of high society and him working for her in teaching her the etiquette of high society life. Every time when facing the laughter around her, Man Ling is quite tough and brave. Bravo!

Well, all these female characters are quite inspiring even though they are not all "ugly" per se. They all face a lot of challenges and pressures from society, but they still push themselves to become better and better. Let's applaud for those girls. Go go go "Ugly Betties"!

Watch Hwang Jung Eum in She Was Pretty: