Are you fan of Alica Florrick? A stay-at-home mom turned out to be an excellent lawyer and politician when her husband cheated on her. This type of story could be very inspiring and encouraging. On the one hand, the good wife needs to take care of her family, especially the children; on the other hand, she also has to work even harder in the work place to earn respect. It is certainly not easy. Check out the following "good wives" from Asian dramas and see which one is your favorite.

1. Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo) in Twenty Again

A 38-year-old housewife was once an aspiring dancer. Her dreams of gracing the stage were crushed due to an unplanned pregnancy at age 19. But after two decades as a housewife, she finally gets the chance to experience college. While her husband demanded a divorce since he was cheating on her. Ha No Ra did not give up easily. She overcame all the problems she encountered at school and gradually become more and more independent and confident. From a not-so-welcomed old student to a rising star in her club, Ha No Ra managed to respect and school and meet with her fist love. Where will the love go? We are really excited!

2. Bi Sheng Nan (Zhao Wei) in Tiger Mom

She was tough and strong. She was the marketing director managing a group of people. She knew when to step in and when to step back in her career and earned respect from her colleagues and bosses. But she had to deal with her way too spoiled kid and very inclined-to-cheat husband. Life is hard on so many levels. However, she made it, resolving the family matters and getting her girl back on track. Fighting! Bi Sheng Nan!

3. Choi Young-Jin (Kim Hee Ae) in Mrs Cop

As a female detective squad chief, she also raises her daughter alone. At work, she deals with brutal crimes with her senior detective Park Jong Ho and squad members. She must balance the long hours required to investigate gruesome crime scenes with the unpredictable demands of motherhood. Both are hard to plan for and difficult to schedule. It's a tough balancing act. Now you can marathon Mrs. Cop to see how it all ends!

4. Ling Hau (Louise Lee) in Heart of Greed

It is a story of a renowned sea products retailer and a big traditional family. When Ling Hau, the wife, was diagnosed with cancer, she did not expect to survive and wanted her husband to be happy with another woman. She had to manage the family business as well as the family itself. She pulled the family back together and turned their frowns into smiles.

5. Han Areum (Shin So Yool) in Love & Secret

While studying fashion in the U.S., Han Areum fell in love with financier Philip but was abandoned. She determined to raise the kid alone. Braving the stigma of being a single mother, she excelled at the fashion company Winner, where love blossoms between the young designer and her director — until Philip decides to take responsibility at any cost.

6. Li Anqing (Jennifer Hong) in Dear Mom

As the eldest daughter in her family, Anqing faced a lot of challenges in her life: divorce, raising a kid alone, working, etc. But she was smart and brave, not afraid of pursuing the love of her life and career. Bravo Anqing!

7. Ji Eun Dong & Seo Jung Eun (Kim Sa Rang) in My Love Eun Dong

When she married her husband, she lost her memory. Even though her husband is disabled, she still managed to take care of him and their kid by herself. She took two jobs: a ghostwriter and a store associate. She had such a good temper, even facing her husband's abuse. When she finally found out about her first love and her husband's scheme, she was quite brave to handle all kinds of pressure from public opinion.

8. Xie An Zhen (Sonia Sui) in The Fierce Wife

Things were looking good for the beautiful housewife Xie An Zhen, who had a loving husband and lovely daughter until she found out her husband was cheating. She bravely handled her divorce and gained a brand new start. 

For all the listed "Good Wives," who inspired you the most?

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