Nobody gets surprised anymore when they find out that their favorite celebrity was photoshopped for a magazine cover or an editorial. These days, photos meant for the public are often altered in some way, even by those who want to look better for their friends on their own Instagram. So what if North Korea's Kim Jong Un wanted to get in on some of that photoshop action? One thing's for certain: he'd probably be even more in love with himself than he is already.

To be fair, Kim Jong Un doesn't need photoshop to make him seem even more like an idol, because in North Korea, he's already adored by the entire nation, by men and women alike. Women often cry hysterically just by being in his presence, as if he was Justin Bieber! But, just to take it to another level, a photo was edited (as a joke) to make him look even more handsome, and the results even surprised the jokesters themselves.

If Kim Jong Un ever saw these photos, he just might go on a mission actually to look like this. He'd definitely still have to do something about that hair.