A new type of limited release, luxury high-end potato chip debuted in Japan, and the line outside the store was five hours long.

Calbee, the Japanese snack maker known for everything from shrimp crackers to potato chips, opened their flagship "GRAND Calbee" store in Hankyu Department Store in Osaka yesterday. The store opened to time with the debut of Calbee's "Potato Crisp," a new type of potato chip boasting three times the thickness of a regular potato chip and coming in three categories and six different flavors: Salt (rock salt), Butter(100% butter powder), Tomato, Cheese (blend of cream and mozzarella), Burnt Milk and Strawberry. The chips come in elegant boxes; they'll make you feel like you bought them at Tiffany's. They're sealed in special stickers. The line for the grand opening of the store started at around 6 AM, and by 11 o'clock , there was a line of more than 300 people. By that time, the wait time in line was five hours. FIVE HOURS! For potato chips!

Calbee announced their plans to change four of the flavors twice a year, and eventually sell the luxury chips online for a year. One box is 540 yen, or about 6 dollars. The 3 Flavor Gift Box is about 18 dollars and the Full Set of six goes for about 33 dollars.

I loooooooove chips but... five hours?!?!