Spiderman has truly made it. Hollywood has made him a global superhero with his films grossing hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. But before he became movie star Spiderman, he was television star Spiderman, in Japan, 35 years ago...

The Japanese version of Spiderman is quite different, as you can see in the clip below. He wasn't bit by a spider, he was actually injected with a serum by aliens. He's a motocross racer when he's not fighting evil. And for some reason, there's a giant robot involved.

This is no rip-off Spiderman. Marvel gave rights to Toei, one of Japan's biggest film and television production companies, which also has an animation department. By allowing Toei to make Spiderman, Marvel in return got the rights to use some of Toei's monsters in their comic books.

So without further ado, here is the truly "amazing" Japanese Spiderman. I love the song. Too cool!

Check it out: