A man bored at his job started playing around with the bananas left out for employees at the office. What resulted are stunning works of banana art. Check out how he does it, and maybe you too can make those boring work hours productive.

Banana artist Keisuke Yamada still has an office job. But his true passion is banana art, something he mastered from killing time at another boring job he had a while back. And we all know about killing time at a boring job. Here's how you can turn a banana into an amazing sculpture while you sit at your desk and wait for five o'clock to roll arounnd.

1. Get some toothpicks and a dessert spoon

2. Sketch your design on paper

3. Brush lemon juice on a banana

4. Outline design with toothpick

5. Dig in with a spoon

6. Not as easy as it looks(done by amateur)

The following were done by artist Keiuke Yamada: