To The Beautiful You is one of those fun, light-hearted, and at times seriously overly-dramatic (remember Minho flippin' out over Sulli being locked in a classroom) dramas that go on many people's guilty pleasure lists. The OST is light-hearted and super cute to match. One song in particular, besides the butterfly song o_0 is "Stand Up," because it was a sort of rock alternative sounding song with a female vocalist who has an amazing voice. It's up beat and different, which made it stand out to me just as much as Kwanghee's characters release of stress through lip balm. So who's the rockstar voice behind this awesome tune?!

To The Beautiful You

Choi Minho and Sulli

Minho and Sulli



J-Min -- whose real name is Oh Ji Min -- is the voice behind Stand Up. She's a 25 year old SM Entertainment artist who not only sings, but writes songs as well. She can play both the guitar and piano, and in the MV below you'll see her rocking out with a guitar. You also should take note of a few other things: she sounds exactly the same live as she does recorded, her silver glitter eye make up looks totally legit, and I know this is random, but notice her nose. Besides being extremely contoured with makeup, it's pretty similar to Park Min Young's. It's quite possible they went to the same doctor, but either way it looks nice don't you think?!

Also check out her band, they're hot right? The guitar player on the right of J-Min, giving all the hair flipping and rockstar fabulous-ness, is actually a real rockstar! Also an SM Artist, that's 28 year old Jung Mo a.k.a "X-Mas" of the rock group TRAX. This is the group, if you didn't know already, that No Min Woo was apart of. He left back in 2006 to focus on entertaining us in dramas, like Full House Take Two ^_^.

Now sit back, click play, and get ready to rock out with J-Min as she entertains the Inkigayo crowd with Stand Up! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE