*****EDIT: THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IS OUT! Find out who's starring with LMH here!*****

Earlier we posted about Lee Min Ho's new upcoming drama, The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight – The Heirs, and wondered who would star opposite Min Ho. Since the lead actress still has not been confirmed and all of you have commented with so many great suggestions, we decided to make a list! Check out these suggestions and then take our poll below!

Yoon Eun Hye: She's pretty and cute and good at any role she plays! From a boyish barista to a spoiled heiress, the versatile Eun Hye is sure to match Min Ho for any role!


Shin Min Ah: Adorable Min Ah will be a great opposite to Minho! Though most of her characters stay between cutesy and slightly serious, I think she would make a really sweet lead next to Minho's presumably grumpy and spoiled character (aren't they always like that?!).


Park Shin Hye: Quickly climbing the ranks of the great actresses, Park Shin Hye is young but talented and experienced! It would be interesting to see these two drama favorites play opposite for the first time!


Ha Ji Won: Her characters are a usually a little less cutesy-bubbly and a little more sassy and serious. Minho also seems like the serious type, so it may be a little awkward for these two to work together at first. Who knows what the possibilities might be once they get warmed up, though? These two are serious professionals!


Kim Sun Ah: She's 12 years older than Minho, but no matter! Cause her costar Lee Jang Woo in I Do, I Do was 11 years younger! Age is just a number when you're a beautiful intense woman like Kim Sun Ah! We would love to see these two greats together!


Han Hyo Joo: Pretty, spunky, and sweet are the characters Han Hyo Joo constantly plays, which is a perfect match against Minho's usual surly facade. She would be the kind-hearted cute girl to bring him down to earth!


Moon Chae Won: Her characters often contain a lot of depth—the good girl gone bad or bad girl with good heart types. If the drama is relatively intense, then we can totally see Moon Chae Won bringing out the depths of Minho's character! Not to mention the two have already starred in two productions—a drama and movie—together before!


Park Min Young: Pretty and cute and exactly Minho's age, Park Min Young has been in two other dramas with our leading man AND they were a well-known official couple after City Hunter. Netizens loved the pairing and were heartbroken when the two broke up. It's definitely a long shot, but wouldn't it be super crazy if they were to star together again? Ah, a fan can only dream!


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