It seems like every time Hollywood attempts a live-action remake of a Japanese animation, controversy always follows. So it really comes as no surprise that fans of Naruto are already anxious following this past weekend's Hollywood announcement that pre-production was underway. So the big question is this — who should play Naruto Uzumaki?

Despite having a not-so-impressive track record with live-action adaptations of Japanese animation, Hollywood is slowly but surely listening to the voices of moviegoers all over the world, who have expressed their displeasure and disappointment at the movie industry's tendency to completely disrespect the original material when it comes to making their own versions of an established franchise. In 2009, the live-action feature Dragonball: Evolution bombed at the box office, pretty much laughed at by all hardcore Dragon Ball enthusiastsMost recently, Scarlett Johansson being cast as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in a Shell upset legions of fans of the popular animation, despite most Japanese having no problem with the Hollywood's decision. But the backlash from upset fans became somewhat of a news story, bringing attention to the lack of diversity in movies. And now, after all these years, a worldwide search for an Asian actress to play Mulan in an upcoming Hollywood remake is underway.

So as the project to remake Naruto moves forward, who do you think should play Naruto himself? With the manga's creator, Masashi Kishimoto, involved in the Lionsgate production, fans are praying that this Hollywood remake doesn't disappoint. It will definitely be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

"Another Hollywood remake?"