Screen-Shot-2012-11-21-at-11.47.00-AM There's nothing wrong with a man loving the color pink, but it's rare that he confesses it on national television. Siwan from ZE:A did just that on MBC's cable music show, All The K-Pop. We say: Hooray Siwan! While on the show, the boys were asked about what kinds of stuff they collect, and Siwan revealed the he has a penchant for pink colored stuff. His band members even suggested that Siwan wears pink underwear. We're going to need some confirmation on this one (maybe in picture form)! He wasn't the only member of the group confessing. Dongjun revealed that he collected leopard prints and patterns. “He loves leopard patterns and is obsessed with them," his bandmates revealed. "However, he cannot wear a see-through leopard pattern underwear that he received from fans.”