Hyun Bin's follow-up to his star-making turn in Kim Sam Soon, this drama brought together two of Korea's biggest stars (Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri) in an epic romance loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of the same name. Directed by Lee Hyun Min (Winter Sonata and I'm Sorry, I Love You), The Snow Queen is the story of a math genius turned boxer who falls for an icy, fragile rich girl. Hyun Bin turned away from his pretty-boy image with an intense role in this beautifully shot drama, which won four KBS popularity awards. Hoping to raise the status of his poverty-stricken family, Tae Woong (played by Hyun Bin), a math genius, attends a pretigious private high school. He and Jung Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), the school's equally gifted math prodigy, become best friends, surviving the intense pressure of the competetive academics together. One day Tae Woong meets a demanding little girl who wins his heart, but he's unaware that she is in fact Jung Kyu's sister, and doesn't meet her again. The pinnacle of the boys' high school careers is an international math Olympiad and Tae Woong ends up beating Jung Kyu. Jung Kyu, under intense pressure from his wealthy father to succeed, commits suicide as a result, and Tae Wong is racked with guilt. He disappears. Eight years later, third-rate boxer Deuk Gu (aka Tae Woong) is hired as a chauffeur for rich, troubled girl Bo Ra (Sung Yuri). Gradually he realizes that she is in fact not just the girl he fell for as a boy, but also Jung Kyu's sister, and that Jung Kyu's death has torn her family apart. Can he bring comfort to her frozen heart? And more importantly, does the man responsible for Jung Kyu's death have the right to love his sister? Watch THE SNOW QUEEN on DramaFever!