It's time to decide once and for all: Who is The Ultimate Actor?

For the next fifteen weeks, we will pit 16 of the best actors and actresses against each other and let YOU decide who is better. The winning actors get to move onto the next round, battling it out with other winners, until only The Ultimate Actor remains! Here's the tournament chart:

We'll be going from left to right, with one match every week!

For Round 1 Match 1, we have Kim Hyung Joong vs. Jung Kyung Ho! Watch this video to see them flaunt their acting chops, and remember to watch till the very end to vote (you'll be prompted with a question, click on the name of your favorite actor)!

Voting lasts for a week, and we'll announce the winner of the previous match when we post the next face-off for you to vote, so watch this space for your favorite actor's match!

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