Yesterday, singers Lee Hyori and IVY attended the Zadig & Voltaire and Yves Saint Laurent events. Both stars wore the same fedora hat, but with different styling.

Lee Hyori appeared wearing a Bohemian style shirt-dress. Choosing to wear a knee-length loosely-fitted one piece, with ankle boots and a silver accessory.

On the other hand, IVY perfected a more chic look, with her all-black fashion with red lipstick and shoes, topping it off with a gold accessory for a color point. Her hat was more broad-brimmed, emphasizing a more than feminine look wearing a fedora and maximizing her femininity by wearing a naturally folding wide-hemmed high waist flare skirt. Here, the singer wore giddy-heeled stilettos, which are trending this year, highlighting her slender legs. From her hair to her apparel, though it seems minimal, IVY demonstrated a typical lady-like look from the 50s.

We think they both look great, pulling off two very different looks with the same hat, so it's too hard to choose — but what do you think?