Yoo Ah In wore this double wool Burberry heart sweater to a recent event, and Song Hye Kyo wore it for her recent photo shoot with Harpers Bazaar, but who wore it better?

This sweater is actually apart of Burberry’s mens line, but Song Hye Kyo proves it would look great on any woman.Song Hye Kyo makes it look like a sexy and cozy sweater dress pairing it with bare legs and a cat-like facial expression.

Yoo Ah In opted to go casual-chic by pairing his sweater with navy dress pants and brown shoes.

Overall I think they both look awesome in it, but since I am a girl, I’m drawn more to Song Hye Kyo’s image in the sweater. Now because I really, really dig this sweater I checked it out on the Burberry site and found out it costs a whopping $2,195! You can check it out HERE if you’re interested and a lost member of F4 (-_-).

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE