A new handsome face shows up and we pay attention. During episode 4 of Falling in Love with Soon Jung, Soon Jung was ordered by her boss to meet a French businessman in the airport. The mysterious businessman was surprisingly handsome and even spoke fluent Korean. Here's more about the Korean-American actor named Ricky Kim.

Ricky Kim was born to a Korean mother and an American father. He grew up in Kansas and Hawaii. He went to Korea originally to teach English there but ended up becoming a model and actor.

Despite his good looks, it took him a while to become noticed, but he maintained a positive attitude. As he said during an interview, "If you do good things, keep smiling, and if you are happy and enjoying what you are doing, work will come some day."

He also relayed how it felt to be a person of bi-cultural identity, "When I came to Korea, I was treated as an American, and when I went to America, I was treated as a Korean," said Ricky while he was on the Laws of the Jungle reality show. "Because of this, I was always a loner. So that's why I exercised and studied hard. Only if I was in first I thought I could show them who I was. I wanted to show them that I was a person."

After making his debut appearance in Miracle in 2006, he has had roles in dramas such as On Air,  JejoongwonMidasAthena: Goddess of War, I Need Romance, and The Queen's Classroom. His most recent role before Falling in Love With Soon Jung was playing Kim Gyu Ri's first love in the romance comedy Sly and Single Again. He has also appeared in movies and variety shows.

The 33-year-old actor married Korean musical theater actress Ryu Seung Joo in 2009. They met while doing charity work with Compassion, an international Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. 

The couple have a daughter and a son, and they recently announced they are expecting a third child.

Ricky Kim's cameo role had a surprise impact in the drama Falling in Love With Soon Jung. Will we see him again? Let's hope so.

I can also see Ricky as a great candidate for the popular The Return of Superman show.

See Ricky Kim in episode 4 of Falling in Love with Soon Jung:

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