Picture this; you’re super sick (not like seriously, but enough for this scenario) and you go to the hospital and working that day are three extremely hot doctors to choose from: Doctor Lee Jong Suk, Doctor Joo Won, and Doctor Song Seung Hun.

I know they’re not really doctors they only played doctors, but with a distorted reality such as my own, playing a doctor and being a real doctor is technically, not really, but completely the same. Well, since I’ve been watching Doctor Stranger starring now, Doctor Lee Jong Suk, the question of who’s the doctor I’d want to take care of me popped into my head.

All three characters: Dr. Park Hoon, Dr. Park Si On, and Dr. Jin are all above average and gifted in the medical field and they’re all extremely good looking as well. So what if you were faced with having to choose only one of them to take care of you? Who would you pick? Who would you want seeing you in that ugly hospital gown, looking your worst, and checking your vital stats?

Below I’ve helped you out with this serious decision by providing totally legit medical profiles to help you choose.

Lee Jong Suk as Dr. Park Hoon in currently airing, Doctor Stranger

Height: 6 foot 1 inch

Age: 24

Body Style: Modelicious sexy with a thin build and long legs that currently look amazing in those ripped skinny jeans he’s running around the hospital in!

Medical Skills: Park Hoon was trained as a heart surgeon under strict North Korean control. Basically if he messed up an operation, dude was gonna get shot! He can also diagnose a patient by touch and can mentally visualize what’s happening inside the human body. He makes clean bloodless incisions, works fast, and can stitch a heart like no other. But you would also know this if you watched the drama. #JudgingThoseNotWatching

Joo Won as Dr. Park Si On in Good Doctor

Height: 6 foot 1 inch

Age: 26

Body Style: Tall and slim with a great backside and thighs proven to be true by those white pants he wore in Bridal Mask!

Medical Skills: Park Si On is a pediatric doctor with gifts stemming from his autism. He pretty much has memorized every medical term under the sun, and like Dr. Park Hoon he can simply touch a patient and diagnose them. However! He can easily guide any doctor through a surgery and can perform surgeries on his own but that could be a hit or miss.

Song Seung Hun as Dr. Jin Hyuk in Time Slip Dr. Jin

Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Age: 37

Body Style: Chocolate abs for days. He could have been in Magic Mike!

Medical Skills: Dr. Jin is a neurosurgeon who had the privilege of discovering a random brain baby who to this day is a mystical and infamous K-Drama character. All three doctors use their skills in other areas of medicine, but it’s Dr. Jin who’s like the medical Macgyver. Dr. Jin can take a leaf and turn it into Aleve…the gel formula! Seriously, Dr. Jin brought modern medical techniques to Joseon!

Now don't you choose your doctor based purely on looks! Personally I'm going with Lee Jong Suk because I'm currently all about Doctor Stranger and let's be honest, Lee Jong Suk can not only save my life but he's so hot he can own it. #TakeMySoulJongSuk

Happy choosing!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE