parkeunji1 parkeunji2 You’re probably aware of the fact that getting plastic surgery isn’t even a big deal anymore in South Korea, and anchor Park Eun Ji, whose popularity has been skyrocketing, is no exception. On Channel A’s “Welcome to Don World,” the show host Shin Dong Yup revealed the pre-surgery photo of his co-host Park Eun Ji. Before showing the photo, Shin Dong Yup said “We tried to consult her about today’s topic Surgery World, but she didn’t pick up the phone, so we prepared something on our own.” Everyone in the studio was flabbergasted, but Park Eun Ji eventually regained her calmness and continued the show. Park Eun Ji previously said that she got double eyelid surgery because her eyelashes kept poking her eyes. However, she refused to comment on all the other parts of her face that have changed. If you ever get plastic surgery, do you think you will share your experience with others? (Source: