EXO fans have long shipped their favorite EXO couple KaiSoo (a combination of members Kai and Do Kyung Soo) by writing fanfic and capturing images that hint at their real or imagined love for each other. One fan recently even compiled images that show how KaiSoo's love may parallel that of Kim Tan and Eun Sang's love in Heirs, proving that they truly are meant to be.

credit to @njhbac0n

Based on these images, they really are just like EunTan!

Not to mention this, which kind of reminds me of a Tan wrist grab/arm block, complete with the nonchalant look on Kai's face.

And this adorable Tan-like back hug given by Do Kyung Soo.

Although, I think Eun Sang looks more disturbed by it than Kai.

What do you think? Is KaiSoo the real-life equivalent of EunTan? Do you ship them? Comment below!