Why are Laotian names so long? Why are Cambodian houses built on stilts? These are some of the questions that evidently many people have been asking Google.

Google autocompletes your search terms to the most popular query, and we thought it would be interesting to see the question most people ask about various countries in Asia. The map below represents what Google thinks you mean to ask when you start typing "Why are North Korean...," "Why are Cambodian...," etc. Some of the results are funny, some complimentary, and some totally off base. But it is interesting to reveal preconceptions and see what makes most people curious about each of the countries below.

For the record, these are the questions we (began) to ask Google, with Google's autocompletes. Occasionally we had to alter wording to get Google to autocomplete the question.

(Why are Indonesians) so rich?

(Why are Filipinos) so cute?

(Why are Sri Lankan/Laotian/Thai) names so long?

(Why are Taiwanese) so rich?

(Why are Malaysians) Muslim?

(Why are Indians) so smart?

(Why are people from Papua New Guinea) smarter than Westerners?

(Why are Cambodian) houses built on stilts?

(Why are Vietnamese) so loud?

(Why are Burma) rubies banned?

(Why are South Korean) schools so good?

(Why are North Korean) hats so big?

(Why is East Timor) so poor?

(Why are Bangladeshis) so ugly? ("Beautiful" was the #3 autocomplete, by the way!)

(Why are Bhutanese) so happy?

(Why are Nepalese) so beautiful?

(Why are Chinese) so rude?

(Why are Mongolians) nomads?

Many of these autocompletes are rude preconceptions, although some are complimentary. If you're wondering what most people ask Google about Americans, the results aren't very pretty, either. Come on, people!

What do you think of these preconceptions? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!