Like many things, Japan has its very own take on Christmas, and they celebrate a bit differently than many other countries do. In addition to religious celebrations and Santa Claus, the Japanese Christmas Eve is a romantic holiday, a night to be spent with a significant other. So what do you do if you don't have that special someone in your life? You protest!

Don't ask me why, but at some point in time, Christmas Eve in Japan became not only a holy night, but a sexy night. Fancy hotels across the country are booked for the night, and young adult couples get romantic while Santa Claus and his reindeer fly by their window to give presents to all the Japanese kids that have been good this year.

But many spend the night alone, and a grand total of 20 of those people, lonely men, mostly, have decided to protest against this custom. The Kakumeiteki Hi-Mote Domei, which in English translates to "The Revolutionary Losers' Coalition" marched through the trendy Shibuya district of Tokyo a few days ago and let their frustrations known. "Christmas discriminates against losers like us!" they yelled in unison, protected by a few amused police officers. With a large "Smash Christmas" banner, the losers defiantly raised their fists in the air while pedestrians took pictures and laughed at them as they walked by. “Unpopular men who don’t have a girlfriend or are not married are overly discriminated. We want to break this barrier,” said the leader of the organization, who goes by the pseudonym WaterMark.

Despite being small in number, this group of self-proclaimed losers are winners when it comes to springing into action. Last February, they also marched in solitude to protest Valentine's Day. 

 "No more Christmas!"