Why did Big Bang's Seungri finally join twitter? Simple: to learn English. Big Bang's Seungri VERY recently opened an official Twitter account. Seungri was on vacation in Las Vegas after the group's tour in Peru. He tweeted the photo above yesterday with the tag "1.Seung ri 2. Seung ri 3. Seung ri 4.Seung ri." He's been tweeting to Psy, Glee star Kevin McHale, fellow Big Bang members, and he even tweeted a photo with import model Lisa Campo. His tweets are so adorable and I salute his attempt to tackle English on the social media frontier. Seungri already has approximately 225,000 followers already! Are you a tweet-head? You can follow him right here: @ForvictoRi. Be sure to check out his hilarious tweet on the Lisa Campo encounter.