The highly anticipated drama 'Goblin' marks the return of Gong Yoo (perhaps most famous for his role in 'Coffee Prince') to Korean Drama after a 5 years hiatus! Ever since his work in the series 'Big', Gong Yoo has stayed away from TV dramas, opting rather to focus on film and other projects. What fears would cause such an amazing actor to stay away from the small screen for so long, and perhaps more importantly, what about 'Goblin' made him decide to come back?! Read onto find out the truth behind Gong Yoo's 5 years absence!

Recently, during a press conference for the upcoming drama 'Goblin', screenwriter Kim Eun Sook (also known for 'Descendant of the Sun', 'Lovers in Paris', 'Secret Garden', and 'The Heirs') opened up about her attempts to cast actor Gong Yoo over the past 5 years.  

Kim recalled being absolutely stunned after getting Gong's response to her efforts to cast him (once again) this time for Goblin, 

"I was repeatedly rejected (by Gong) so I was a bit shy to ask him again, but this time he gave a very quick response," she recalled. "He gave me a wonderful response that stunned me."

In a text message from Hawaii, the 37-year-old actor humbly replied, "Should you be alright with such a timid and fainthearted goblin as me, I will do it."

Gong, who has recently been working mostly on films, explained that he has had a fear of TV series, but was encouraged after a three-hour meeting with the writer and director.

In an attempt to explain his fear of working on TV series Gong Yoo candidly admitted that, 

"In a drama, filming is ongoing, so the actors can't promise to be in best shape until the end," he said. "I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to show my best acting."

Then what about 'Goblin' does Gong find so attractive? Gong went onto confess that while at first he found it hard to play the part of a non-human, but later grew to enjoy it.

"Since I'm not a human, I can do whatever I want. I'm neither here nor there," he said. "My abilities will be revealed bit by bit with each episode. I will be fun to watch."

We are excited to see Gong Yoo once again taking part in a TV drama!

Don't forget to catch 'Goblin' which is set to air on Dec. 2nd! The Friday-Saturday series is set to run for 16 episodes.

Are you excited for 'Goblin' and Gong Yoo's return? Let us know your thoughts below!

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