Today, Han Ji Min ends her 3 year TV series hiatus with the premiere of WIfe I Know. Following the wonderful press conference, the tvN drama cast came together for a V Live broadcast. The 35 year-old actress was actually elated to work alongside fellow acting veteran Ji Sung. The fact that he is married made the set's atmosphere even more pleasant.

While kindhearted Ji Sung is happy to work with Han, he was apologetic about his own martial status. “I always wanted to work with Han Ji Min. I think we’ll be a good match. There are a lot of attractive, single actors out there, so I’m sorry I’m a married man.”

Han Ji Min, on the other hand, considered his marriage to be a positive for the production. “Ji Sung is definitely an actor that a lot of women want to work with. If Cha Joo Hyuk wasn’t being played by Ji Sung, I would’ve had to think more about doing this drama. He’s always present on set, so it’s very reassuring, and he was very approachable from day one. Actors that are single are more shy, so [Ji Sung being married] was actually more comfortable for me.”

Supporting stars Jang Seung Jo and Kang Han Na were also apart of the V Live broadcast. The last Korean drama Han starred in was the 2015 supernatural infused rom-com Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Wife I Know is about an average married man who is fed up with his mundane existence. He makes a big decision that not only alters his life, but many of those around him, including his best friend (Jang Seung Jo) and first love (Kang Han Na).

Enjoy the first two episodes this week!

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