On May 18, Jessica Jung arrived at Gimpo airport en route to Beijing wearing angel wings, much to the delight of her fans and to the bewilderment of reporters.

“I feel like everyone’s looking at me right now,” she said as she walked through the airport with the wings on. “But I am so happy that this was all because of you guys, and I’m really so happy to have these wings on me now.”

During one of her previous V app segments, the singer made a promise to her fans that if her new song “Fly” topped the charts, in relation to the single, she would wear angel wings.

Upon release, her adoring fans helped her single soar straight to number one! She posted on Instagram a screen shot of her single landing number one on the Melon charts with the message: "I can’t sleep because of the love you’ve shown me. This entire process was long and arduous, but when I thought of you (my fans), it gave me the strength to complete what I started. I am forever grateful for everyone who stayed by my side – thank you my golden sky!”

Here are some of the reactions found on Twitter:

Younger sister Krystal, Jessica's other half and co-star of Jessica & Krystal, posted an endearing photo of the siblings:

Congratulations to Jessica and her fans!

What other wishes would you like Jessica to grant?

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Source: Naver V App

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