2013022400989_0 Interest escalated when actor Park Shi Hoo, who is currently facing charges for sexually assaulting female celebrity known as Trainee A, pushed back a summons to appear for questioning.  According to the Western Seoul Police Department, Park had originally agreed to appear for questioning with fellow actor Kim (last name Kim; 24 years old) on the 24th at 7PM. However, Park’s newly-appointed legal team from Purme Law announced that Park will not be appearing for questioning as originally planned. Upon hearing of Park’s notice, Kim notified police that he will not be appearing either. On the same day at about 4:40PM, Park’s original legal team from Hwawoo Law formally notified police that they will no longer be representing Park. Hwawoo Law, famous for representing celebrities, publicly resigned from their legal duties 2 hours prior to questioning. Events leading up to Hwawoo’s resignation are as follows: Park, Kim, and Trainee A met at about 11PM on the 14th at a bar in Cheongdamdong located in Gangnam, Seoul. Thereafter, the three went to Park’s residence in Cheongdamdong, where Trainee A was allegedly raped. Kim, who also drank with Park and Trainee A, is also facing a lawsuit for sexually assaulting trainee A. Police have obtained security camera footage from the bar where the three met and drank as well as from the parking garage where Park resides. The footage shows trainee A walking down the stairs alone without any assistance as she left the bar. However, in the footage from the parking garage shortly thereafter shows trainee A being carried in on Kim’s back. Based on the footage, police raised concern that psychotropic drugs or sleeping pills may have been taken so have sent in trainee A’s hair, blood, and urine samples to National Forensics  for any traces of drug use. Police reported that while National Forensics have been keeping them updated with results and analysis, a complete report will not be available for another week. If any part of the forensics results comes back positive, the case is expected to not only become an issue for the entertainment industry but society as a whole. Individuals in the legal industry are speculating that Hwawoo stepped down anticipating the forensics results to come back positive.