Park Bo Gum's popularity has been riding high ever since Answer Me 1988 and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. When he landed in Hong Kong for his Asian Tour, he was given a very unusual gift—a sword. What is the significance? What does our charming prince plan to do with the sword?

Fans would probably all agree that Park Bo Gum's dazzling smile has captivated many a heart. Did you know his name is quite special too? 

In Hanja, or the Chinese characters incorporated into the Korean language, Bo Gum (寶劍) means literally "Precious Sword." 

It's not just any sword. it means the kind of double-edged sword that often appears in historical dramas or martial arts romances. In those stories, a knight or swordsman's sword is his inseparable weapon of choice during his lifetime. A "bo gum" further refers to a sword with special powers that our hero or heroine wields to slay evil beings.

Park Bo Gum was at the press conference in Hong Kong, on December 16, when he received a special sword as a gift. He was in Hong Kong for his fan meet, with the theme of "Oh Happy Day," which was to be held the next day.

According to the event organizer, the sword is a good-luck symbol for Park Bo Gum to be able to vanquish any obstacles that he may encounter.

A precious sword is certainly a perfect match for our handsome crown prince from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

The young rising star couldn't be more delighted. 

He commented that it's the first time he received a sword as a gift, and he appeared to like it a lot.

He then innocently asked, "Can I take it with me to the plane?"

Well, maybe he could check it in as baggage. 

Have you watched the surprise smash hit, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds? It's a perfect choice to binge for the holidays!


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