Popular Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang has rarely accepted new roles after starring in romcom Drunken to Love You in 2011. She didn't want roles that were copycats of what she had done before. But recently she turned down more lucrative projects in order to star in Life Plan A & B. What attracted Rainie to the new Taiwanese drama?

Multi-talented Rainie Yang has established a successful career in singing and acting ever since she pursued her passion in singing, at the age of 13, by entering singing competitions on TV. She finally signed with an agency when she was 15, and never looked back. She also debuted in acting as a minor character in the famous Meteor Garden drama series. She now has a flourishing career as a best-selling singer, award-winning actress, and popular TV host.

As an established star, Rainie can choose what she wants in projects. One main reason why she has rarely accepted acting roles in recent years is that she wants roles that present new challenges. Therefore, she has not acted in a Taiwanese drama ever since Drunken to Love You in 2011.

She found a new challenge in playing Zheng Ru Wei in Life Plan A & B, written by Mag Hsu, the writer of the famous Taiwanese drama In Time With You, starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen

Another reason for her interest in the new drama is the award-winning director Shaudi Wang, who is praised for her ability to observe and shine a light on social issues.

In Life Plan A & B, a career woman in Taipei faces a critical choice which can drastically alter her future when she is given an opportunity to work in Shanghai. How will she and her boyfriend cope in a long-distance relationship? What if she chooses to stay, will she lose her career and even her independence? The answer isn't as simple as you may guess. Rainie gets to play her character in two versions of a future, and neither one is predictable.

The romance drama also pairs Rainie, an established actress, with newcomer Yan Yu-Lin playing her boyfriend. The drama is only 6 episodes and the entire series is available on DramaFever now. 

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Life Plan A and B - 荼蘼

Starring Rainie Yang and Yan Yu Lin

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