Beautiful actress Chen Qiao-En (aka Joe Chen) has reigned as a star of many romantic dramas, such as Fated to Love You and the new drama Stay With Me. Why did she just quote Madonna in her new social-media post?  

Chen Qiao-En looks beautiful and vibrant, and she wants the world to know that she is an independent and happy woman!

She wrote in a recent post to Weibo, "When will the society become fair, without wearing a pair of judgmental glasses, to view a strong, independent, self-sufficient, and happily single woman?"

She started her comment with an abbreviated quote from the famous American singer-actress, Madonna, "No one would dare to say a degrading remark about being black or dare to say a degrading remark on Instagram about someone being gay. But my age -- anybody and everybody would say something degrading to me. ..."

(Madonna was talking about the bias against older single females.)

The reason for Chen Qiao-En's post is the term "Leftover Women," a phrase that is frequently used by Chinese-language media to refer to 30-something single women. Chen Qiao-En, at 37, is often included in the news whenever "leftover women" are mentioned. It isn't a particularly nice term, especially when single men of similar age and older are referred to as "golden bachelors."

The independent and happily single actress also gets full support from Wang Kai, her co-star in Stay With Me. The handsome actor recently said that Chen Qiao-En is single because "she is so outstanding and has high expectations." 

He added, "The love that belongs to her will come sooner or later."

Fans may wonder if Wang Kai is the fated one, but it doesn't matter, does it? Both of them deserve to make the best choice in life on their terms.

We wish the best for Chen Qiao-En! (And for Wang Kai too!)

In Stay With Me, Li Wei Wei (Chen Qiao-En) wakes up after an accident with amnesia, setting her back to the age of 23, when she was dating Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai). Why is she now engaged to a different man, Huo Xiao (Kimi Qiao)? She wants to know why and begins a search for answers. What happens next?

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Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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