These handsome Taiwanese leading man are famous for their romantic roles. But one of them disappeared in the City of Light until spotted by fans, another traveled far, and yet another will come all the way to the United States to study. One of them even almost lost his freedom. Who are they? What drove them to get away from their passionate work?

1. Roy Chiu recently took off quietly and was in Paris, the City of Light, for 2 months in the summer. He studied in a language school and roamed around during free time, but was recognized by fans during one of those outings.

He has returned to Taiwan and was excited to learn that he was nominated for 2 separate Best Actor awards in the prestigious Golden Bell Awards, for Marry Me or Not? and Rock Records in Love.  We hope to see a new Roy in a new drama soon!

2. Chris Wang (Aim High) confessed his secret relationship with his assistant in 2015, in an open post to his fans and the public, admitting their love and pending pregnancy. After his daughter was born, Chris announced he was taking a break from acting to travel with his family. They left for New Zealand and Australia in January and traveled for 3 months, during which they also camped in a RV for a while.

Many leading male actors are so busy in growing their career that they even postponed marriage plans. Chris is wise to take time off to do things together with his wife and baby daughter. They have returned to Taiwan for a rest stop until the next trip.

3. Ko Chen-tung (Kai Ko) was the fastest rising young actor after debuting in the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, but his departure from acting was sudden and involuntary. 

In August 2014, Jackie Chan's son Jaycee made big news when he was arrested and detained in China, Ko Tai was also arrested at the same time but was released shortly after because his offense as a "user" was considered minor. He issued a tearful apology before returning to Taiwan.

For a while it seemed that his acting career was over. He gradually resurfaced in some entertainment events, and recently won a role to star in the independent movie The Road to Mandalay, playing an illegal migrant worker from Myanmar living in Bangkok. 

The good news is that The Road to Mandalay has just won the Fedora award for Best Film at the Venice International Film Festival on September 9. China has also removed him from a blacklist of forbidden actors. Hopefully Kai Ko will be on a brighter path from now on.

4. Aaron Yan (Just You, Fall in Love with Me) will be attending UCLA for cinema studies for at least three months starting this October. He made the announcement after completing new romcom Refresh Man.

Aaron first gained fame as a member of popular boys group Fahrenheit. He often posts thought-provoking comments to his FB on a wide range of topics. Therefore, even though the news of his going to school in the United States stunned the fans, it's probably not surprising that this deep-thinking man wants to visit a new environment for a change to renew himself. 

Refresh Man, starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng, starts on September 12.  It was the #1 hit drama when it was on air in Taiwan.

Read more about it and take a look, especially since you just might run into Aaron here in the US.


Refresh Man - 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

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We wish the best for all these actors who understand the value of taking time off in order to regenerate and renew their vitality and the passion for what they love in life.

Can you think of other actors who disappeared for a while for a special reason? Would you want to take off for a gap year? 

Post your comments below.

~ NancyZdramaland

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