Yes, you're looking at G-Dragon. He is wearing two unusual hair accessories: a bean sprout and a cherry hairpin. The reason has to do with a new viral trend in China. Let's find out more.

While touring with Big Bang in China, the ever-fashionable G-Dragon has apparently picked up a new local trend. He posted the hair photo to his Instagram on August 31 along with the caption You Like? #Shanghai.”  

As far as we can tell, the new trend only just began in late August from Chengdu, China, where men and women started wearing the unusual hair accessories in public places. Some Chinese netizens have called this trend "growing grass." The selections have since expanded into fruits and flowers. What's unique is that you wear only a single stalk of the fake bean sprout or flower. 

With the antenna-like sprout standing on top of his head, do you think he gets better cellphone reception?

Here's a video showing more people wearing the new hair accessories. The narrator suggests that the source of the new fashion may have started from a cartoon story where the mayor would grow sprouts on his head whenever he is thinking.

Would it help at test times then?

Whatever this trend is, it apparently is spreading fast in China. Now that G-Dragon has joined the movement, would you like to wear a bean sprout in your hair too?

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