Kang Ha Neul is making his fandom worry. 

The Like For Likes actor is being extremely cautious when it comes to his diet these days. During a recent broadcast of the SBS Power FM radio program Cultwo Show, Kang and his Midnight Runners co-star, Park Seo Joon, were the featured guests. They were there to promote their upcoming comedy/action film when the topic of diets came up. 

Kang openly admitted that he felt he was chubby when he was younger. After his weight loss, he made a drastic change to his daily routine. "When I was young, there was a time I was extremely fat. I lost a lot of weight, and since then, I don't eat dinner."

The 27 year-old actor's lifestyle choice peaked DJ Jung Chan Woo's interest. He decided to asked if he passed on food when he drank too. "When I drink, I only drink alcohol. I don't eat any food," the popular star explained. 

Midnight Runners, which releases in theaters in South Korea on August 9, is about aspiring police officers who witness a kidnapping. 

I don't think it's necessary for Kang Ha Neul to go to such extreme lengths to maintain his ideal weight. He already looks amazing! If he exercises on a regular basis, eating three meals a day shouldn't be a problem. I hope this talented gentleman takes care of his health.

What do you think about his dieting habits?


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