Does it work? In a recent episode of Uncontrollably Fond, why did Kim Woo Bin take Suzy to get her some finger pricking! You read that right, not finger food, but Finger Pricking! When she screamed, he also couldn't help but feel the pain, too. Take a look at this special clip. The expression on Kim Woo Bin is priceless!

No Eul ( Suzy) was complaining about indigestion, so Joong Young (Kim Woo Bin) took her to see his mom. It turned out that he wanted his mom to prick Suzy's thumb. Apparently finger pricking to relieve indigestion is an old practice according to traditional acupuncture. A popular Korean blogger, Ask A Korean, explains it this way:

The remedy is usually deployed for severe indigestion -- the type that feels like the food is stuck somewhere just above your stomach, happening mostly when you eat a little too fast. (Koreans have a word for this condition - che or geup-che - that is separate from normal indigestion. But the Korean cannot think of a single English word that is equivalent.)

The remedy itself is really easy. Sanitize a needle either by burning the tip or washing it with alcohol. Tie your thumb with a string or a rubber band to constrict the bloodflow. Then prick the little sliver of flesh on the corner of the thumb where it meets the fingernail. Press and let the blood out. The end result should look like the picture below.

Based on personal experience and numerous, numerous first-person accounts, this remedy works like a charm; usually after about 15 minutes or so, you can feel the "stuck" feeling slowly going away. But how does this work? Chinese medicine practitioners have an explanation based on the body's qi flow and about how the bodily functions are replicated on a person's hand. But as far as the exact science is concerned, the mechanism by which pricking a finger helps indigestion is a mystery, like the way the exact mechanism by which acupuncture helps is still a mystery. Also, Korean doctors warn that this remedy only mitigates the symptoms without curing the underlying cause. Feel free to try out this remedy, but the safe thing to do is to visit the doctor.

Now, let's take a look how Suzy gets her finger pricked: 

KWB's expression when he heard Suzy's scream is also priceless. It's like his own finger was pricked too.

It must be true love!

The journey with No Eul ( Suzy) and Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) has just begun. Will you join them too?


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