During Big Bang's recent appearance on the variety show Happy Together 3T.O.P addressed his concerns about showing off his skin. He is well known for rarely even wearing short sleeves, let alone exposing his chiseled abs. Only in Tazza 2 did we finally catch a glimpse of T.O.P shirtless.

T.O.P explained, "I am really shy [about it]. I think it's a mental issue."

When asked about wearing short sleeves, T.O.P answered, "I sweat a lot. I like to sweat. [That's why] I don't wear short sleeves on stage." T.O.P continued, "I don't have a lot of hair, but I don't like it when my skin is touched." 

His band members also chimed in. G-Dragon stated that "for the 10 years we've been together, I've never taken a shower with him."  However, T.O.P did go on to reveal that "there was one time I watched the members take a shower."

Seungri added that T.O.P will never take off his clothes around them, including even his socks. "We were riding a yacht and usually people ride it with their socks off, but he kept his socks on throughout."

G-Dragon had nothing but good things to say about T.O.P's figure, but he was is well aware that T.O.P doesn't like to display his skin in public. "T.O.P has a nice body. He revealed his body once in a movie, and I was really surprised." 

What do you think about T.O.P's modesty? Do you think we'll ever see more of his awesome abs? Please share your thoughts below!

If you haven't seen T.O.P in Tazza 2, check it out below!

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