The self-professed introvert is more comfortable keeping her opinions to herself.

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently opened up about the decision to not express herself online. During an interview with TV Report to promote her upcoming film Wind Wind Wind, the 36 year-old star admitted that she has no desire to draw attention to herself through social media. Song is the complete opposite of her tech-savvy Wind Wind Wind character, Mi Young, who is obsessed with social media.

“Communication is a matter of personal preference. Just as some people want to make their voices heard, others prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. I’m not the type who prefers [to speak out]....It occurred to me that speaking up is the same thing as drawing attention to myself. I’m the type to freeze [easily], so I choose not to do it," Song honestly stated.

Wind Wind Wind (aka What a Man Wants), which is about four people finding love and adventure, premieres in South Korean theaters on April 5, but you can watch Song Ji Hyo every weekend on Running Man.

What do think about Song Ji Hyo's decision to not communicate through SNS?

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