If you've ever tried to get your friends and family to join in on your K-drama obsession but can never get them to watch past the 15 minute mark, then the new DramaFever exclusive, Infinite Power might just be the perfect introductory show!

Each episode is about 11 minutes long, which is just enough time to keep their attention and leave them begging you to press the next episode button. The K-drama is distributed in short segments on cellphone networks in Korea, so it's the perfect show to hide away and watch on your lunch break or on a short bus ride. Its short length leaves your family and friends no reason to say no, just don't be surprised if you come home and they've watched the whole series without you!

Judging from the star power in Infinite Power, it promises to be an entertaining and engrossing drama. If you've ever see Flower Boy Next Door, then you'll recognize Kim Seul Gi from her role as the hilarious, sleep deprived editor of a webtoon series. Fans have been calling for her to have her own starring role ever since, and luckily she has returned in, what else but a webtoon-turned-Kdrama!

You also might recognize Im Seul Ong from the popular ballad group, 2 AM. This creates an added bonus that you may even be able to introduce your friends and family to K-pop once they fall in love with Im Seul Ong in this drama. Also, showing off his shirtless photos might not hurt the chances of convincing them to watch.

Infinite Power is a coming of age romantic comedy about a cohort of ambitious professionals living together in a boarding house and trying to make it in the real world. Jang Sun Jae (Im Seul Ong) aspires to work for a prestigious company, but so does every other 20-something eager to climb the corporate ladder. Based on the popular Naver webtoon series, Sun Jae enters an extremely competitive workforce, where building your resume can come at the cost of tearing down someone else's. Meanwhile, Sun Jae's boarding housemate Kim Solo (Kim Seul Gi) tries her best to succeed at a fashionable nail salon. Will Sun Jae and Solo find there's more to life, or will they let the anxieties and demands of their careers consume them?

Grab your friends and family and find out HERE!