Seemingly breaking viewership records with each new episode, it's no wonder that Park Bo Young is getting flooded by luxury brands' offers to dress her in future episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. So why is she turning all the opportunities down?

For fashion designers, having celebrities wear your clothes are the surest way of getting exposure. The hotter the celebrity, the better it is for the brand. And right now in Korea, one of the hottest commodities happens to be starring in a record-breaking romantic comedy. For the part of Bong Soon, the ever so talented Park Bo Young and her wardrobe stylists went to various markets, picking out colorful clothes that matched the bubbly personality of her character. Another important requirement for the actress's outfits in the drama were that they not only make her look strong, but that they protect her from all the physically demanding stunts she's expected to do.

So when Korea's luxury brands tried to jump on the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon bandwagon, the actress had to turn them away. Park Bo Young is obviously taking her role very seriously, and staying true to her character is more important to her than looking fabulous on TV. 

Good for her. That's what you call acting!

Besides, she already has style.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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