Her name is Gu Shao Qiang, and she just resigned from her job. Her friend posted her resignation online, and it's stirred up a strong reaction. Let's find out why her resignation letter is a buzzing topic in China.

"The world is so large, I want to go see."

Ten simple words, and this concise resignation letter has caused quite a stir among the many Chinese netizens.

Gu Shao Qiang is a teacher of psychology in a junior high school in China. She taught for over a decade until she resigned. Her now-famous resignation letter came to light thanks to a friend who posted it online.

The handwritten letter, written more in a simple memo style, has been trending hot in China. People are praising the resignation letter as full of feels in its pure simplicity and fearless attitude.

Her admirers even complimented her nice handwriting.

The reporter was able to reach some of her former students who praised her as a good teacher, saying she was great at making a difficult subject easy to understand. 

Unless you have a super-warmhearted boss like Dan Price who just cut his own salary to give fantastic raises and probably earned life-long loyalty from his employees, do you dream that you can resign anytime and travel the world?

Best wishes to Ms. Gu in her journey to see the world! 

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