Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 12.07.47 PM “Park Shi Hoo is a complete stranger, so I don’t know why this happened to me.” As the Park Shi Hoo alleged sexual assault investigation continues, a woman completely uninvolved with the case has been snared in a case of mistaken identity, simply because she shares the same name as the accuser. She has found herself the subject of harassment, invasion of privacy, and abuse from netizens. On a call with on the 20th, “B” stated “I have never seen Park Shi Hoo, other than on TV. This is so infuriating and frustrating. At first when I heard that I was the one pressing charges in the Park Shi Hoo case I thought it was a joke and laughed it off. I never imagined something that had nothing to do with me would become such a big deal.”  “I don’t know why I became the person pressing charges. It’s most likely because of a TV program that I was in once in the past,” she continued. “I spoke to the police about my personal information being leaked, and they told me that it was probably because I had the same name as “Trainee A” that filed the lawsuit and that they will publish a formal statement stating that we have the same name and to not contact me further,” she added. B revealed that she feels like the innocent victim of a witch hunt, and is considering taking legal action. She emphasized that “if this continues, I will take action through a lawyer for spreading false statements and invasion of privacy, among others.”  On the 19th “B’s” picture, full name, university, and major spread rapidly throughout the online community and social networking sites. Netizens pinpointed “B” as the one pressing charges in the Park Shi Hoo case. Derogatory comments such as “She seems to be desperate to become a celebrity,” “gold digger,” “Don’t use Park Shi Hoo” poured throughout the internet. Moreover, a publication used the fact that she’d once made a TV appearance on a quiz show to strengthen the allegations. A lawsuit was filed against Park Shi Hoo on the 18th for allegedly raping a woman in her 20s whom he had been drinking with.  [Source:]