The Eagle has landed! Season 2 of this record breaking hit series is now available on DramaFever. Get ready for more action, romance and intrigue because Season 2 brings it all with full force!

Enjoy these sneak peaks of some of the finest moments this season has to offer!

The romantic tension between Margarita and Gonzalo continues and as you can tell from this beautiful scene, their secret longing for each other is intensifying. It's amazing how much their eyes express their true feelings.

Red Eagle's new season is kicking off with a bang! This gripping scene has the chase, fights, stunts–all on horseback!

If you are in need of a refresher, here's a five-minute recap of Season 1! Obviously, Season 1 SPOILERS ahead.

Will Red Eagle be able to come to terms with his past? Will Gonzalo allow himself to love again? How much more can Lucrecia manipulate everyone around her? Find out right HERE!