leejuno Seo Tai Ji’s recent engagement to actress Lee Eun Sung was a big issue, but the marriage of Lee Juno – one of the three members of Seo Tai Ji and Boys – was even more shocking to many South Koreans when it was first reported. Lee Juno married a woman who is 23 years younger than himself. And he’s only two years younger than his mother-in-law! Because of this, he had to be called Seo Tai Ji and Thieves since people thought that he stole a young wife. On MBC's World Changing Quiz Show, Lee Juno said “I think my mother-in-law is still feeling uncomfortable around me … I talk more to my father-in-law who’s 4 years older than me.” Even though his mother-in-law hasn’t opened herself completely to him, his father-in-law told Lee Juno that he used to be a fan of Seo Tai Ji and Boys.